PATRICK MAHOMES - Kansas City Chiefs

LAMAR JACKSON - Baltimore Ravens





We are very excited to announce that Sporting Wallpaper and the NFL Players Association have designed and produced some brand new GIANT 'Peel and Stick' Wall Decals for the new 2020/2021 season. 

These are emojis of individual players and their signatures - 2 decals on one sheet. 

These wall decals are peel and stick which means that they can be re used, you can place them on a wall, fridge, bed, wardrobe in any room - a sports room, bedroom, dorm room, and then move them if you move or want to rearrange the room or the position of the decal in the room.   They are super easy to put up. 

In the USA these decals are for sale via Walmart.com.    To buy click on the blue buttons. 

For orders in the UK please scroll down to the 'shop' section near the bottom of this website.  

The players who are featured are: 

Patrick Mahomes no 15 from the Kansas City Chiefs who are the current Super-Bowl cup holders and Lamar Jackson the no 8 from the Baltimore Ravens.   Both leading Quarterbacks from the top two teams

Both players have their player emoji and signature. 

The emoji measures 43x37 cms once peeled off the background.

More players will be added to the range as the season progresses. 


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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These decal packs are made in the USA

For customers in the USA - click on the buttons below to order from Walmart.com


UK customers click on images below


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